What You Need To Know Before Your Tax Prep Interview

What You Need To Know Before


We will need a few important documents from you in order to verify your identity and correctly prepare your taxes.

Please gather up the following:

Last year's tax return, we will need last year's AGI

Identification Card for you and spouse, if applicable

Social Security Cards for all people in your household

School documents, or other documents showing you have custody of underage dependents

All documents showing expenses, if applicable, like mortgage interest statement, student loan documentation, etc

Any correspondence received from IRS

Any other documentation that may affect your tax return


These documents are absolutely necessary for us to ensure that we are filing an accurate 1040 for you. If you do not have last year's AGI, your return cannot be filed electronically

In such cases your return must be mailed into the IRS.

How To Obtain Last Year's AGI

Here are 3 ways to obtain your AGI from last year:

  • Find your tax return from last year and look for your adjusted gross income on line 11
  • Call your tax preparer from last year and ask for your AGI
  • Log into your IRS.gov account via ID.me (for this you must obtain an ID.me account, so have your identification card ready)
How To Obtain Your W2 From Last Year

Here are 4 ways to obtain your W-2 from last year:

  • Call your employer and ask for a copy to be emailed or mailed to you
  • Log into your employee portal that your employer set up, many employers have set up accounts for onboarding and other work purposes
  • Make an appointment with me to contact your employer for you
  • Try MyTaxForm.com to see if your employer's tax forms are among those available


If you made a mistake or forget a W2 or 1099

  • Contact us immediately by phone or email

  • Send us your documents asap

  • We will file an amendment for you for $25, which is the price we are charged by our transmitter

  • Do not panic, this happens every year, the sooner you file your amendment, the sooner you are back in compliance

  • If you owe money due to your amended filing, we can set up an affordable payment plan for you


Our tax preparation service provides clients with high quality tax preparation at affordable prices. We also strive to provide our clients with the most valuable resource we can offer- information. You can visit a random tax preparer at a kiosk who will ask you a series of personal questions, type some info into their tax preparation software, and tell you how much you owe or how much you're getting back. Or you can try having a dedicated professional listen to your story, understand your life, and explain what deductions and credits you qualify for to maximize your refund. We have gotten clients thousands of dollars they were owed that other tax preparation services managed to leave on the table, and we have saved clients from paying thousands of dollars more than they owed by taking advantage of deductions they were entitled to. It's your money, why not let us put it back into your pocket, where it belongs?